Wednesday, April 29, 2009

shower time!

my first shower was on sunday, and it was hosted by some fabulous girls that i work with. it was a lot of fun, there was AWESOME food, and they were all SO generous! i didn't really take a lot of pictures (i was too busy eating!), but i did take one of the awesome cake...

karen rocks. and a gratuitous shot of my baby boy...of course i brought him to my shower!

he was so good!

on another mom just called. she and my aunt are out shower shopping and apparently BRU discontinued my entire nursery collection. awesome. thanks BRU. it's a good thing i talked chris into letting me buy the bedding.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


remember this:

and this:

ALL MINE. ::cue excited, hysterical giggles::

the fabulous chicco travel system is courtesy of my mother in law. oh, how i love that woman.

and what did i find when i walked into BRU one day with a $5 reward coupon? my diaper bag that i thought was online only and that had been out of stock FOREVER. i guess they decided to start carrying it in the stores. SCORE.

so, i now have a carseat base installed in my car, and a stroller in my trunk. the infant seat/carrier is still at mother in laws, awaiting my second shower in two weeks. total awesomeness.

still haven't made much progress in the baby's room. we're working on painting the dresser. the drawers are done, just need to finish up the big piece. i'm about to cut back my hours at work, so hopefully that will help with some major productivity in that area. things need to start getting done. this little girl's arrival is right around the corner?

holy crap.

Monday, April 13, 2009

i've been busy.

i've had a busy few weeks. lots of work, my birthday, anniversary, easter. i also have baby showers every sunday for the next three weeks (only two are for me...the other is for a friend). i'm soooo exhausted! and swollen...oh, the swelling. it's a little better today, but the past few days it was absolutely horrendous.

i'll try to update more...but i can't make any promises!