Monday, January 26, 2009

pregnancy fatigue is really irritating.

i decided that i wanted to get some stuff done around the apartment today. you know, the usual stuff...laundry, general cleaning, give the dog a bath. i vacuumed, started a load of laundry, and started feeling pretty good about myself. i got through about 1 and 1/2 loads of laundry and started to fade...pretty quickly. i have absolutely no energy left and still have a load in the dryer, and of course it's the sheets and duvet which means i'll have to make the bed when it's finished. ugh. still on my list of things to do? cleaning both of the bathrooms, wiping down the crib with lysol disinfecting wipes, and dusting. tomorrow?

i asked my husband on saturday to take the trash out since he was off work. what is still piling up in my dining room? two bags of trash and an empty cardboard box, with another full bag about to be taken out of the can. do you think i'm asking too much of him? we're supposed to start experiencing a winter storm later tonight, so you can bet that i won't be trekking out to the dumpster tomorrow. i want my trash taken out!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

my first baby must-have

i MUST have this diaper bag. as of right now (unless i find something i love more), it is non-negotiable. k? thanks.

THE crib

the infamous crib:

yes, yes, i isn't so bad. i'm warming up to it. i think my cousin and i are going to re-paint it black though. thoughts?

21 weeks, 1 day first bump picture.

and yes...those are carebear pajamas. with snowflakes. they're the best ever. jealous? you should be.

what is going on?

i've been SO emotional the past hour or so. i just choked up a few minutes ago, and i'm not even doing anything worth getting choked up over. i'm watching the miss america pageant for god's sake. stupid pregnancy hormones. they've also made me uber pissed off at my husband. we had made plans to hang out with a set of our married friends tonight...and i was actually really excited about it. i've been such a hermit these days, and i was really looking forward to it. he left without me. a half hour before i got off work. he couldn't wait a half hour for me. wtf? not only that, i had asked him before i left work if he would do two things for me: take out the trash and unload the dishwasher. guess what wasn't done when i got home? yeah. whatever.

up until all of that, i was actually in a really good mood today! we caught a little teenager trying to shoplift today at work, and if anything in this world makes me giddy, it's catching shoplifters. and it was SO awesome. we had mall security come get them, and they called their parents and everything. i haven't been so giddy in a long time. stupid husband for ruining my shoplifter catching high. ass.

are you watching miss america? is it just me, or are most of these girls not as pretty as they should be? not that they're NOT pretty, i just have a pretty high standard for the looks of pageant girls. i feel that they should be prettier. whatev.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

crib woes...

first of all, i will be the first to say that i love my mother-in-law. she's always so great to us. so, when she offered to buy our crib i was so excited and touched. i had been looking at cribs online, and of course all of the ones i loved the most were completely out of our price range. this was going to help out so much.

then, this morning, we get a call. she was at an auction, and what was being auctioned off? yes, a crib. she buys us the crib. without me even seeing it.

i feel like i sound so ungrateful, which i'm totally not, but is it wrong to want to pick out my own child's crib? this is the only chance i get to do it.

i sucked it up, accepted the crib, and didn't complain about it (out loud anyway). now that it's actually in the apartment, and i've seen it, it isn't that bad. it was made in 2005, and it only has a few scuffs and scratches. my only major complaint with it is that it's white. that isn't the furniture color that i was wanting, but i guess it doesn't really matter. heck, it was $27. and now we have one less thing to worry about.

but i still wish i had been able to pick it out myself...or at least see it before it was purchased. is that wrong?

moving on.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

new year, new life, new blog.

so, it's been a while. blog looks a little different doesn't it? lots of changes going on around here...

i know in one of my last posts i had talked about some big life changes that were happening. well...for anyone who doesn't know, we found out in october that i'm pregnant. WHOA! definitely not what we were trying to do, but stuff happens. as of today i am 19 weeks and 6 days and due on june 5th.

the biggest thing i've learned from this is that i in NO way want to be pregnant EVER AGAIN. people keep trying to tell me that i'll change my mind, but stop saying it. it won't happen.

we had an ultrasound on december 29th, where we were supposed to find out the sex, but come to find out i was only 17 weeks instead of the expected 19. they gave me a guess as to the gender, but we were scheduled for a second ultrasound which will be happening on february 5th. that means i'll be almost 23 weeks before i know for sure what we're having. how unfair is that?

other than that, i'm rocking and rolling. i'm ready to get this baby out of me already, and things are only going to get worse! i have a looooong 20 weeks to go, so stick around and see how crazy i get!