Saturday, January 17, 2009

crib woes...

first of all, i will be the first to say that i love my mother-in-law. she's always so great to us. so, when she offered to buy our crib i was so excited and touched. i had been looking at cribs online, and of course all of the ones i loved the most were completely out of our price range. this was going to help out so much.

then, this morning, we get a call. she was at an auction, and what was being auctioned off? yes, a crib. she buys us the crib. without me even seeing it.

i feel like i sound so ungrateful, which i'm totally not, but is it wrong to want to pick out my own child's crib? this is the only chance i get to do it.

i sucked it up, accepted the crib, and didn't complain about it (out loud anyway). now that it's actually in the apartment, and i've seen it, it isn't that bad. it was made in 2005, and it only has a few scuffs and scratches. my only major complaint with it is that it's white. that isn't the furniture color that i was wanting, but i guess it doesn't really matter. heck, it was $27. and now we have one less thing to worry about.

but i still wish i had been able to pick it out myself...or at least see it before it was purchased. is that wrong?

moving on.

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