Thursday, January 15, 2009

new year, new life, new blog.

so, it's been a while. blog looks a little different doesn't it? lots of changes going on around here...

i know in one of my last posts i had talked about some big life changes that were happening. well...for anyone who doesn't know, we found out in october that i'm pregnant. WHOA! definitely not what we were trying to do, but stuff happens. as of today i am 19 weeks and 6 days and due on june 5th.

the biggest thing i've learned from this is that i in NO way want to be pregnant EVER AGAIN. people keep trying to tell me that i'll change my mind, but stop saying it. it won't happen.

we had an ultrasound on december 29th, where we were supposed to find out the sex, but come to find out i was only 17 weeks instead of the expected 19. they gave me a guess as to the gender, but we were scheduled for a second ultrasound which will be happening on february 5th. that means i'll be almost 23 weeks before i know for sure what we're having. how unfair is that?

other than that, i'm rocking and rolling. i'm ready to get this baby out of me already, and things are only going to get worse! i have a looooong 20 weeks to go, so stick around and see how crazy i get!

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