Friday, February 12, 2010

i have an addiction...

...and that is buying clothes for my little peanut.  i went SLIGHTLY out of control today.  i bought her THREE new swimsuits.  and she got her easter dress.  and a few other things.  wanna see?

one of her three new swimsuits.  this one was from the children's place.

this is her easter dress, also from the children's place.  she also got the matching sunhat.  i love this.

these super cute sunglasses were 2 for $5.

here are swimsuits #2 and #3.  they obviously came from old navy.

she also got a really cute polo dress from old navy, but i couldn't find it on the website.

i have an addiction.

Monday, February 1, 2010

bath time!

mia got a little messy last night whilst nomming on some carrots, so she for sure needed a bath!

she loves bathtime.

please disregard the nasty caulk around the tub.  no matter how many times i clean it, it still turns black. 

we'll be out of our apartment soon.  i CANNOT wait.

i think i may be crazy

so, a few weeks ago my good friend karen starting this thing called "couch-to-5K".  i was intrigued, so i did some research about it on-the-line.

i am NOT a runner, but as i was reading about this, i was thinking,"is this thing as do-able as it seems?"

well, yesterday i completed week one, day one, and so far, i think it may be.  it was rough, i'm not gonna lie.  i'm thinking i'm going to have to do week one at least twice, but i may actually be able to do this. 

so for now, i'm gonna keep on keepin' on, but i could definitely use some encouragement.