Friday, January 22, 2010

holy moly...

where have all the blog posts gone (sung to the tune of paula cole's "where have all the cowboys gone?")?  i am such a slacker.  holidays are over, so i'm no longer working crazy hours (yay, retail).  well...

mia is growing.

and getting older.

it's freaking me out.

she is still the coolest, most chill baby on the planet.  still sleeping through the night, despite teething (hello two bottom, middle toofers!) 

she's up to 16 pounds, 15 ounces.  at least that was the count a few weeks ago at her check-up.  she's around the 75th percentile in both height and weight.  as for her head...

90th.  my daughter has a giant melon.  she gets it from her mama.

we started solids well before thanksgiving, but with both of us working retail, we sort of got off track.  we've started back up within the past two weeks, and it isn't going as well.  she refuses to open her mouth to take the spoon.  i don't know what the deal is.  she'll get it in time, i suppose.  it's just frustrating.  how can she not gobble up 'naners and peaches?  anybody have any suggestions? 

mia will soon be making her second trip to the beach in under a year.  this time, we'll be vacationing with her daddy/my hubby and my cousin and her family.  we're all very excited. 

here are a few pictures to catch everyone up:

her first halloween.  dressed as nemo, and obviously tuckered out from too much candy-grabbing.

meeting santa.  note the hand up by his beard.  she pulled it.  thank god it was real.  i was just waiting for my kid to be the one to traumatize all the other kids in line by pulling his beard off. 

on christmas day.  mia on the left, bff ava on the right.  kickass elmo in the middle.

i promise not to stay away so long next time.  please forgive me.

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Elisa said...

YAY!!! An update!!!

She is getting so big....I cannot believe she will be 8 mo in a few days. I remember when you posted about the BFP. I was in Sacramento on work and it was what? 2 am???

Give her kisses from me and Britton!!