Wednesday, October 1, 2008

open letter...

dear VS client (especially the one's who shop for pink panties),

must you really make a mess of my panty bar? when you walk up, it is immaculate. it is possible to pull out a pair of panties, or even search for your size, without making a total mess. i can show you how. it isn't difficult. and please, please, PLEASE do not stand right next to me, giggling and saying apologetically, "i'm trying not to make a complete mess, tee hee!" all the while tearing up my panties. no. you're not trying. you're only saying that because i'm standing right next to you.

i don't come over to your house and make a mess, do i? no. nor would i ever. please don't do the same at mine.

thank you,
disgruntled VS employee

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