Wednesday, October 1, 2008


does anyone ever get overwhelmed with life? i do. all of the time. hubs and i...we're not doing so well. no, not in that way. as far as being married, we're fine. but, we're struggling. we have a lot of debt. credit card payments are coming out of our asses. my credit is terrible. i made a lot of bad decisions years ago when i was with a guy, and i lived way outside of my means. we're doing a lot of that outside our means. and that isn't even saying much. we don't buy extravagant things (except for hubs bringing home an xbox the other day...still not happy about that one)...we rent...we bought a new car this year, but because it was a neccessity (we only had one)...but yet, we're still barely above the water. we both work hard, but since neither of us are college graduates, we don't make nearly enough. technically, we are barely, if at all, above the poverty level. i don't know what to do to pull us out of this.

sorry for the downcast feeling in tonight's post, i just had to get some things off my shoulders. we'll get through this right? eventually we'll be able to afford to our own home with children...right?

anyone else ever felt like they were in a hole, and just couldn't climb out?

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