Monday, September 29, 2008

fashion show...POSTPONED.

so...i started dressing max up in his outfits for his fashion show today...and he wasn't cooperating. i got his first outfit on him (a red polo by old navy), and he just wouldn't sit still for pictures. i'm going to try again later when hubs can help me (he's busy with his xbox).

didn't do much in the area of retail therapy today. we traded in a bunch of old games that we don't play anymore at gamestop for some credit. i got a new ds game:

what can i say...i'm a nerd. i love to solve mysteries, and i'm not that great at video games in general, so i stick to the ones i can play. i'm obsessed with the nancy drew games on the pc. i saw this, and i was in love.

i also picked up some things at babies r us for my niece's (aubrey) baptism on sunday. i got just a few small things...

got her some orange pumpkin socks and a "baby's first halloween" fuzzy rattle as well.

we went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner...olive garden. the never ending pasta bowl is going on, and i can never stay away. although, i never finish more than one serving. i had the garlic asiago alfredo with penne. hubs had three cheese marinara with angel hair. it was delicious.

that is all...i'm off to watch season one of the tudors on dvd. i've been obsessed with the tudor dynasty lately...

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