Friday, September 26, 2008

holy cow!

i'm entering the world of the blogosphere! a few warnings to start us out:

  • i'm boring.
  • i don't use capital letters.
  • i type the way i i tend to type a lot of run-on sentences. mrs. cocanougher would NOT be happy.
  • i'm very opinionated, especially when it comes to this year's presidential election. i'll try not to stir up too many pots. although, this is my blog. i should be allowed to say what i want.
  • i talk about my dog...a lot.

if you can get past the shortcomings i've listed above, welcome! keep in mind though, that there are many more in addition to those i've informed you of. we'll encounter them together :)

and now...on to the blog!

it's nearing 11 pm on friday night. i just finished watching the presidential debate on my laptop. as joe biden like to say, it was a whole lot of "more of the same." i pretty much expected that. it's so far in the game though, i know most people have already made their political decisions. i know i have. it's interesting to see how they play off of eachother though. next week will be the vp debate. that should be interesting to say the least.

work today was, you know, the same as usual. for anyone who doesn't know (or can't deduce from the title of this fabulous blog), i work in the wonderful land of victoria's secret. i LOVE my job. it's my happy place (for the most part). i spend my days looking at boobs, straightening panties, and trying to talk people in to opening credit cards (because that's a GREAT idea in our amazing economic condition, right?).

and since i have a new medium to harass people on behalf of my philanthropic endeavors, let us commence the educational portion of today's blog. diabetes. it pretty much sucks. it's the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. next month, i will be participating in the step out walk for diabetes, an event from the lovely people at the american diabetes foundation. the money raised from this event will go toward funding diabetes research that is oh so important. so skip your double cheeseburger or mcchicken and give $1. or skip your grande iced white chocolate mocha and give $5. or give more. i won't turn anything down. go here to find out more about our great cause. a little philanthropy never hurt anybody.

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