Monday, September 29, 2008

stupid sundays...

today reminded me why i haven't worked a sunday in months. but oh yeah, that's right...i'm trying to get a promotion, so i'm working whenever they need me in the hopes that it makes me look good. gah. today was my sixth day in row...and that followed a week in which i worked ten days in a row. it's been a crazy two weeks, and i've never been as happy to have a day off tomorrow. but enough about work.

i am in dire need of a massage. a nice, soothing, relaxing massage. get all the kinks in my neck worked out. my neck is very kinky. and not in a good way.

did i tell you guys that i'm going for a promotion at work? in the first paragraph of this blog? i did? huh. but yeah, i'm going for a promotion. granted, it's only a seasonal promotion, but it gets my foot in the door for the future. my interview is friday. i'm nervous and excited at the same time. my plan is to be pessimistic (who, me?), so if i don't get it, i won't be too disappointed. keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

today's blog was going to be a max fashion show. i know, i know. you're disappointed that you didn't get to see me torture my dog in little people clothes. by the time i finally got home from the store tonight, i was a tad bit too tired to dress him up in multiple outfits and take pictures. plus, some of my stories premiered tonight (yay desperate housewives and brothers & sisters!), and i had three dvr'd episodes of army wives to catch up on. important stuff. have no fear though, the fashion show will happen tomorrow. you'll love it. my dog is a cutie. no bias here at all.

also planning some retail therapy tomorrow with the hubs. he owes me. he came home with an xbox 360 the other night without telling me. after we mutually decided two nights before that we didn't need one. yeah, there's been some drama in our house. i'm letting it go though. i can't stay mad at him. i'll share the goods with y'all tomorrow!

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Robyn said...

Yea for promotions :) Good luck.