Saturday, February 21, 2009


i'm still tired. all of the time. especially on days that i work. oh well. i'm going to be tired all the time for a while, i guess.

nothing really going on in baby-land. we did a little more registering at BRU last week, which was fun as always. i still haven't decided what bottles to use. meh.

the date has been set for my work shower, which i'm really excited about! all the girls are so awesome...everybody is so excited. i can't wait for april to get here!

still waiting on my chicco goodness to be released. i stalk the chicco website daily. i also stopped some lady in the mall food court yesterday who had a chicco stroller and asked her how much she loved it. probably thought i was crazy. oh well.

new bump picture to come. i'm lazy.

and that is all. thank you, come again.

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