Thursday, February 5, 2009


today was a special day. not only did we find out the gender of the baby, this is the day one year ago that my aunt kelley passed away of a heart attack. she was 46 years old.

my aunt was ridiculously special. she is with me every day. case in point: she LOVED butterflies. absolutely loved them. the tech who did my ultrasound was wearing butterfly scrubs. after the ultrasound, we went to IHOP. the server gave me a pen with butterflies to sign the credit card slip. i miss her, but things like this make me smile.

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bethierose said...

i'm so excited that you're having a girl!!!

and what a cool story about your aunt kelley! i love when stuff like that happens... she was definitely there with you at the ultrasound! how special!

now we have to figure out a name for your sweet little baby girl!